We are giving 100% of Apostolos Box profits to missionaries until 11/24. Details below.

Apostolos Box: Good Coffee For a good cause.

3 Missionaries. 3 Brews. 1 Goal.

Before we were ever coffee roasters, we were born again Christians. In fact, the three of us (Brad, Andrew, and Paul) grew up together in the same church. We put our heads together to find a way that we can honor and support our friends who are living out their faith by going into missions work. The Apostolos Box is what resulted. "Apostolos" comes from the Greek for "apostle", a messenger of Jesus Christ. From now until Thanksgiving, we are donating 100% of Apostolos profits to support the ministries of our friends Becca, Emily, and Mary--missionaries from our home church, Grace Bible Chapel! You can read their stories below.

The Coffee

The Apostolos Box is filled with three single origins: a lightly roasted Mexico Chiapas (usually a dark roast), a brand new medium roasted Panama, and a dark roasted Peru Cajamarca (usually a light roast). We are loving how these single origins turned out! This is a great opportunity to branch out and try something new if you usually stick to one roast profile.


Meet the Missionaries: Where they're headed and what they'll be doing!

Why the apostolos box is perfect this thanksgiving season

A Chance to Give

We have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. Despite all the issues in our country and abroad, we can still say that we are blessed beyond measure. The holiday season is the perfect time to give to others!

3 New Brews

Becca, Emily, and Mary are each venturing out and trying something they've never done before. We think that's awesome. That's why we filled our Apostolos with 3 new roasts: a lightly roasted Mexico, a medium Panama, and a dark Peru. 

Perfect for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Our new Apostolos boxes will look great on your counter and be a treat to loved ones you see this Thanksgiving season. It's arguably the best holiday of the year, you're going to want some good brews to choose from!

Promote the Gospel

While Becca, Emily, and Mary will be serving physical needs while overseas, their main goal is to tell those around them about Jesus Christ so they can spend an eternity with Him. Our hope is that these Apostolos Boxes help support them as they seek to carry out this very important mission!


Want to give a direct donation?

You can now add a custom donation amount for Becca, Emily, and Mary when checking out!

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