Earl Grey

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Ceylon black tea blended with bergamot and blue cornflowers. Generally suggested to be drunk alone, although some prefer it with milk and sugar.

Recipe: Heat water to 195. Use 1 tbsp for every 12oz of water. Steep for 5 minutes.

2 oz bag of loose tea.

Customer Reviews

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Barb Kates
Great Earl Grey

I buy this as a gift..it is always appreciated.

Chandra Reedy
Excellent Earl Grey

I purchased some Pike Creek Earl Grey tea as a gift for someone last Christmas, a tea connoisseur. They said it was the best Earl Grey tea they had ever tasted, and begged for a new supply as a birthday gift. So, I just re-ordered it; it arrived quickly, and my recipient is delighted!

Donn Birdsall
Great Tea

I'm a coffee drinker, my wife is a tea drinker. I get my coffee from Pike Creek, so I decided to get my wife some Earl Grey tea. I still love my coffee but drink a lot of Earl Grey tea also. Love the Earl Grey we get from Pike Creek. I make a pot of tea every morning. I bought a small five cup coffee maker to make tea in. I use the mesh basket that came with the came with the coffee maker. Fill the water level, 2 full tablespoons of tea, a little honey (not to much), and you have a great cup of tea. Add more or less tea to make it stronger or lighter. I buy a lot of tea from Pike Creek now. Great company.

Jean Clark
Great Earl Grey

I am really picky about my tea. I drink Stash Earl Grey, and have done so for decades. This loose tea from Pike Creek is a super treat. I like it just as much or maybe even more. I am so glad my friend Donn gifted this loose tea to me. A wonderful new experience!