Ethiopia Gedeb Natural Cold Brew Pouch // Light Roast

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Did you know that before it’s a coffee bean, its seed…inside of a fruit? Now, usually the coffee farmer will strip fruit, wash the bean, and let it dry. This is called washed process coffee and it describes all of the coffee we sell…except this one. In a natural processed coffee, the cherry is not removed and is instead allowed to dry and ferment around the coffee bean. The result? The coffee bean is allowed to absorb the natural flavors and sugar from the coffee cherry! Pretty cool, right?

This natural processed coffee comes from Gedeb, a town in Ethiopia. It boasts notes of ripe strawberries and flowers, and is perfect over ice in these hot summer months. Because it is a natural, it also has lower acidity than our other light roast offerings!

This new single origin will only be around for a limited time, get it while you can!

Each pack includes three 3 oz. pouches of our freshly roasted coffee, which each make 50 oz. of cold brew.