Pike Creek Coffee Mug

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Our ceramic mugs hold 15 oz. of delicious coffee! (Or tea...if that's your thing. We still love you.) Just in time for these cold months, grab one of our mugs today and turn up the cozy.

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Brian Reuschling
Best Mug And Coffee Ever!

My Pike Creek Coffee Roasters mug has been awesome! It’s plenty big and easily holds 12-14 ozs of Pike Creek coffee plus it looks fantastic. In fact, I’ve received several compliments on its appearance which gave me the opportunity to cross sell your coffee! 😁

By the way, the Big Bold Joe dark roast has been equally fantastic making it difficult to decide whether to stick with that on my next order or to try something else. Decisions, decisions…

At any rate, I think the plan is that you guys will keep roasting great coffees and I’ll keep drinking them - and it’s pretty great when a plan comes together! ☕️= 😁

James D.

I Love this giant short mug!

Karen P.
Just Purchased Two More!

OK. I’m hooked! On both your coffee and the new mugs. We already have two orange mugs; now I just ordered two Green ones. Love the dark color! Now, if you all will only add BLUE ones to your offering I’ll be in “hog heaven”!! (Hint, hint)


I now look forward to waking up in the morning. My warm bed is strongly convincing but Pike Creek (especially the Kenya AB) is stronger. I wish everyone could sip on this brown elixir. I think this is largely due to the freshness Pike Creek is committed to. They roast and ship quickly to my door (sometimes I think they roasted it just for me! The owners are authentic and all-around good people dedicated to their drinkers.

Helen Conover

Pike Creek Coffee Mug