February 16, 2022

How Much is Our Coffee Per Cup?

By Bradley McDowell
How Much is Our Coffee Per Cup?

Have you ever wondered how much our coffee costs per cup? Well, we sat down and looked at the numbers, and what we found is pretty interesting.

For this example we used our most popular blend, the Morning Foglifter. When using a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water (the golden ratio, one level coffee scoop per cup), you can brew thirty 6 fl. oz. cups of coffee out of a single 12 oz. bag. Our 12 oz bag of Morning Foglifter is $11.50. Therefore, our Foglifter is only 38 cents a cup when brewing with a 1:15 ratio. For those who don't drink their coffee so strong, this cost per cup is even less!

Did you know our coffee is even cheaper per pound when you buy in bulk? For example, the cost per cup for a 5 lb. bag of Foglifter is only 28 cents a cup! And for our 10 lb. BREWHEMOTH buyers, the cost goes down to 24 cents a cup!! Who would've thought you could get such a great tasting cup of coffee, brewed with fresh, small-batch roasted beans for less than a quarter? Fifty years from now, grandparents will tell their grandkids about a time when you could brew up a small-batch roast of coffee for only 24 cents a cup!!

All jokes aside, we pride ourselves on being one of the most affordable small-batch roasters currently on the market. The numbers above are especially staggering when you consider that a stale, batch brewed cup of coffee from the gas station costs at least a dollar per cup! Thank you for continuing to support us and happy brewing! 

Check out our Morning Foglifter blend here.