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who we are


We’re three lifelong friends. We started this journey in 2018 with some unroasted beans, some equipment we barely knew how to use at the time, and a deep love for good coffee. Coffee has been one of life’s great adventures for us—whether it’s a new blend we’ve just come up with, or a new idea to help us better serve our customers, there’s always something to be discovered at Pike Creek Coffee Roasters. 

Our Family

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Our mission

Simply put, we provide people with coffee as it was meant to be: super fresh, hand-crafted, and affordable. All of our coffee is roasted and packaged at our shop in Oxford, PA. A few things stand out to anyone visiting our shop. First, the lack of shelving. You won’t find a bunch of coffee going stale on our shelves. We believe coffee tastes better when it’s roasted and packaged to order, don’t you? You also won’t see a giant roaster (just our small shop roaster). That’s because we roast in small batches, giving each roast the time and attention it needs. And you won’t see a whole lot of packaging equipment, just a few grinders and a heat sealer. That’s because we package everything by hand (when the coffee is this good, you don’t want to leave anything to chance). All of our coffee is roasted and packaged at our shop in Oxford, PA. We pride ourselves at providing all of this at an affordable price—we’re one of the most affordable craft coffee roasters on the market right now (oh, and the savings get even better when you buy our bulk 5 lb or 10 lb Brewhemoth bags!).

our coffee

People often ask us: where does your coffee come from? The answer: all over the world! We source high-grade, unroasted coffee beans from South America, Africa, and South Asia (you can check out all of our current Single Origin offerings in the Shop tab). We pride ourselves on having a coffee for every drinker. We have dark, medium, and light roasted single origins (a single origin is a coffee from one region or farm) and exclusive blends (a blend is when we combine two or more of our single origins). We have flavored coffees for those who want something a little extra in their coffee (imagine coffee that tastes like a Pecan Sticky Bun or an Apple Cider Donut). And for the nighttime drinkers, we have a wide array of flavored decafs and Swiss Water Decafs (check out our Single Origins page to see our Swiss Water Decafs, they’re our pride and joy). We also have limited offerings of our new Pike Pods, our coffee pods that are compatible with any Keurig brewer! 



Andrew Moore

Owner/Production Manager/Roaster

If anyone knows coffee, it's Andrew. His passion for all things coffee has culminated into some pretty fantastic offerings. From roasting, to packaging, to delivering, Andrew does it all (even hand delivering coffee to our local customers!) His favorite part about owning Pike Creek Coffee? "Roasting the highest quality beans from around the world and figuring out the best roast profile to present them in."

Paul Mason

Finances and Accounting

Our numbers guy, Paul, handles all of our financials. Paul is a man of many talents; when he's not crunching the numbers, he's working hard and riding a tractor on his dairy farm in PA. 




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