Ethiopia Yirgacheffe // Dark Roast

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We decided to switch things up and turn our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (usually a light roast) into a dark roast. This 85 point coffee from Ethiopia has quickly become a favorite for Pike Creek Coffee fans. Grown at over 2000 meters above sea level in the mountains of Ethiopia, this single origin dark roast has cupping notes of cocoa, molasses, and a hint of lemon. The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is currently our favorite dark roast offering.

Customer Reviews

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William McMichael
Unique, fresh & tasty

Yirgacheffe’s unique floral character never appealed to me in a light roast, and I’d never seen it dark-roasted anywhere. Pike Creek to the rescue! Delicious.

Just what I wanted

I had seen this single origin bean on your website and am glad you decided to make it dark roast. A million years ago when Starbucks was new this was my favorite. Glad to order it locally and appreciate it more. Delicious.

Melissa S Hostetter
Great bold flavors!

Would buy again

Shelley D
Order 2 bags!

This is a dark roast only drinking family and we are a little picky about it. We were hesitant to even trey since it had been a light roast originally. It is smooth, full bodied and rich flavored. Could become tied with Morning Fog Lifter as our household favorite. We will order 2 bags next time

Amanda Jackson
This one is on repeat

My husband didn't question ordering this again. He isn't normally a dark roast lover, but he cant stop coming back for more.