Tanzania Peaberry // Light Roast

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Peaberries (named this because the green coffee beans resemble a little pea) result when the coffee fruit develops one oval bean instead of the usual pair of flat-sided beans...yielding little egg-shaped beans. Gentle acidity, with notes of raspberry jam. Light roast.

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Don Pippins

Follow up to my review of Tanzania Peaberry...

Don Pippins
Pike Creek Roasters - TZ Peaberry

I've been buying five pound bags of this from Pike Creek for a few years now. It's always consistent! Which is remarkable considering the variables of wind, rain, sun, shade, shipping, packaging and roasting before it turns in to coffee in my kitchen. It's a testament to their ability as Roasters. Before settling in on this light roast I typically bought 10 oz bags online from Go Coffee Go... A large range of national Roasters, beans and roast profiles. Eventually I settled on this local Roaster because I like my espresso made from light roast and I especially like supporting a local Roaster.

Amanda J.
Nice subtle fruit

We both enjoyed this one and will likely reorder in the future.

Our favorite!

Perfect morning coffee -- smooth and never bitter. We won't let ourselves run out.

Joanne S.
Coffee lover

Tastes great and the beans grind easily in our hand grinder on our boat.