Blue Hen Blend // Dark Roast

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Blue Hen Blend is named in honor of the state bird of Delaware, and is a classic blend of medium-dark roasted South American arabica beans.

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Tristan Press
Best coffee

We have tried several different flavors from Pike Creek Coffee Roasters and Blue Hen is our favorite!

Emily Beichler Emily Beichler
10 lbs worth

THIS. This is the only coffee I will buy 10 lbs worth so you can easily say it's my favorite! I can't think of another company I'd rather support either! Just great all the way around, from product to service to people!

Aileen Burmeister Aileen Burmeister

Purchasing what has been our favorite for a time now, Blue Hen, and not sure why with all the flavors to choose from that we went with this. Could it be that after having been at the University of Delaware for 55 years, that even tho I never tasted this coffee once it showed Blue Hen, I had to at least try it. Well, I have never tried another and it is a wonderful way to start the morning. It may be dark roast, but it is so smooth and no bitter coffee taste. We actually found a new customer with our daughter in MA when they visited recently, and they now order this to be sent.
Also being able to get this as fresh roasted beans makes all the difference when buying coffee.

Amanda J.
Family favorite

We both agree that blue hen is an order every time coffee and we have very different coffee views. You are never sad to drink blue hen and you always think “man this is a good coffee.”

Best Coffee EVER!

Blue Hen blend is by far my favorite coffee ever! I order the 5 pound bags and have them shipped to NH, because I really don't want to drink anything else. The roast is strong, but smooth. Five stars!