Decaf Pecan Sticky Bun

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Cinnamon, pecans, and a buttery sweet bun. There’s a reason why Pecan Sticky Bun is one of our top selling flavors of all time. Now fans can enjoy our Pecan Sticky Bun coffee without the caffeine! Dark Roast.

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Marie McGinn
Christmas every day

I just happened to try your decaf pecan sticky bun from Zingo's. I was hooked! I went back to get more and then oh no, they didn't have any! I searched and searched. I went online, but I couldn't find it online. It was on your site ,but I couldn't order any. Maybe the site was down? Then one day this fall I went back to Zingo's and there it was! You made my holiday brighter! I have my stash for now. I don't think I can go back to regular coffee again. Merry Christmas to me!

John Heffner
Decaf Sticky Bun

Great flavor and aroma

Awesome decaf coffee

I love all their decaf coffee flavors! It was so nice to have it during my pregnancy or now in the evening when I don't want it to interfere with my sleep. I always recommend their decaf to everyone!