Giddy Upper // Medium Roast

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A horse of a different color.

Giddy up and get going in the morning with our new Giddy Upper blend! Inspired by the racing horses of Fair Hill, Maryland, we created this blend to be both elegant and wild. A medium roasted blend of Colombian and Kenyan beans makes this blend truly unique: a gentle apricot sweetness upfront, with a dark chocolate and vanilla finish. Horse lover or not, you will love this blend!

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My favorite as of yet

This coffee truly surprised me. My old standby is the Lazarus, but I thought I should try a medium roast, not because it’s my favorite but I wanted to try medium roast for my grinder. It’s more economical than Lazarus and other coffee beans that I’ve ordered in the past, so I didn’t expect to bet blown away. I think I’ve found a new favorite. Easy to dial in, and grinder friendly. Will order again soon!

Slightly milder and very smooth

My husband and I like a very bold flavor like that found in the Morning Fog Lifter but this is a nice milder and very smooth blend for an occasional change of pace - and we love the artwork on the bag.
As you can see by the attached photo, our horses all appreciate the nod to the horse events and trails at Fair Hill.

Giddy Upper

Giddy Upper is an excellent roast that got me going in the morning!

Giddy Upper

This is a really good coffee. I usually drink Morning Foglifter or Big Bold Joe, dark roast. Every once in a while when I place an order I will try something different that sounds good. The Giddy Upper is rich and very flavorful. I would recommend giving this medium roast a try. I will be purchasing it again.

Loretta C.
Giddy Upper Is Mellow and Flavorful

I look for mellow flavor in my coffee, so the Giddy Upper hits the spot for me. It has subtle chocolate and fruity flavors. I cannot say I could identify the fruit as apricot, but it’s good, and I will buy this coffee again.