Morning Foglifter Pike Pods

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When no amount of eye rubbing or cold water to the face will help with your fogginess, our Morning Foglifter will! Morning Foglifter is a complex, dark-roasted blend of South American coffee beans...bold enough to wake you up, but never bitter. Our most popular blend.

Customer Reviews

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Kate Chupein
Best pods out there

Love all the Pike Creek pods - so much better than everything else out there - including that big name coffee shop's pods. Our favorite is the Morning Fog Lifter, strong but not bitter. I used to limit myself to one cup of coffee in the morning now I can't help but have two!

Roger Hovermale
Love that Fog Lifter

When I first saw the name I thought it was something British. But when you told me it’s low-acid and yet full-bodied, I had to try it! Very glad I did! Great coffee with a quirky name.

Paul D.

Pods are great for the extra cup I didn't brew in the pot. Same great taste!