Mountain Water Process Decaf Ethiopia // Light Roast

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Mountain Water Process Decaf Ethiopia...what a mouthful! We've taken to calling it "Mouthwatering Decaf Ethiopia" because  it's easier to say and it describes just how flavorful this decaf is.

Most decaf coffees are processed using chemicals. which take away from the natural, robust flavor of the coffee bean. This decaf, however, undergoes a process similar to our Swiss Water decafs, in which only water is used to decaffeinate the beans. The result? Decaf so good, you'll question whether or not it's really decaf. 

Notes of apricot, brown sugar, and milk chocolate. Light Roast. 

Customer Reviews

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A true delight, this brew! Mouthwatering Decaf Ethiopia is an ambrosial coffee to slake the most discerning connoisseur's palate. I am ever on a quest to discover the most thrilling decaf coffees of the world, and this one is my current favourite. I am new to mountain-specific water processes, so I cannot report any noticeable differences from Swiss-specific water processing. Never could I prescribe as a dilettante any universal claim such as experiential notes and savours; however, the nose of this coffee fresh in my grinder transported me with the spell of a maple wood campfire-baked pecan pie, were such a pie to exist. Yes, a rich and aromatic grind characteristic of the world's finest coffees. Then the flavor of the brew fresh from my stovetop percolator was nigh an earthen nut dessert coffee but without the messy, unnecessary heaviness of flavored oils. True, as another writes: this light roast isn't quite as light as the lightest of light roasts that I've ever known, especially its caffeinated counterparts, but one must consider the nature of the water decaffeination processes... perhaps like the finesse in tone of a custom watermark on personalized stationary. I cannot claim anything so spurious as to say that this is the best decaf out there; however, until I find one better, indeed it is!

Etha McDowell
My favorite Decaf

I love coffee but can only drink decaf so have tried many, many different kinds. This Ethiopian is just terrific!! I've found my perfect cup of decaf!!

Paul Hamilton
Darker than light roast

Wanted a light roast decaf but this is considerably darker than my normal caffeine light roast.