Tanzania Peaberry Nitin Estate // Light Roast

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Peaberries (named this because the green coffee beans resemble a little pea) result when the coffee fruit develops one oval bean instead of the usual pair of flat-sided beans...yielding little egg-shaped beans.

We are currently sourcing our Tanzania from the Nitin Estate until our usual cooperative-farm Tanzania is available again. This estate lot of Tanzania is almost identical to our usual Tanzania, with notes of stone fruit, dried fig, and red wine.

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Don Pippins

Follow up to my review of Tanzania Peaberry...

Linn Cadieux
Lovin' it!

I am always on the lookout for a light roast coffee with excellent flavor and a lower acid content and the Tanzanian Peaberry from Pike Creek is perfect. I love to make it alone or mix it with a flavored coffee to change it up. Either way my morning starts off right!

Tanzanian Peaberry

African coffees are my favourite. Any memory I have of Tanzanian Peaberry is one of the most flavorful coffees: this selection slaked my desire for just such a brew. I was tempted on many occasions to try this offering from Pike Creek Coffee Roasters, and I am elated that I did. It was one of my most satisfying surprises. I love light roasts, even as light as they go, for the lighter the roast, the more I taste the character of the coffee variety. Well done on this roast, Pike Creek Coffee team! I will not hesitate to reorder this Tanzanian Peaberry coffee again and again.


So aromatic it brightens your day

Gil Martin
Best way to start a morning

I've had Tanzanian Peaberry from multiple sources and yours is every bit as good - plus you're only 15 miles away and that feels like buying locally.